Spectrum Tutoring Plus

Linda Herreshoff, M.A., has over 35 years of total teaching experience, and over 15 years of serving primarily autism spectrum-related students as the head of the Social Cognitive Classroom at Jordan Middle School, a part of Palo Alto Unified School District. As for the "Plus" in Spectrum Tutoring Plus, it's really a double plus: first, Linda offers her services to students and young adults on the autism spectrum plus others with academic, executive functioning, or social challenges; second, she offers academic tutoring plus skillful, hands-on, heartfelt support in crucial non-academic areas as well.

Linda's special affinity for treating each child with kindness, dignity, and a wide range of up-to-date service modalities has enabled her to reach many children — both in terms of their academics and their personal or social functioning — who had previously felt overwhelmed, marginalized, or even hopeless. Just as importantly, Linda often provides substantial support for the families of the children she works with, giving parents insight and real-time advice as to what will best serve their children.

Linda has one master's degree in education and another in special education, as well as an Autism Authorization Certificate from the State of California. If you'd like to speak with Linda about her tutoring and coaching services, please contact her at 650-380-1814, or email her at spectrumtutoringplus@gmail.com. Sessions are usually one hour in length, and while Linda usually comes to the student's home, Skype sessions are also available.